Selling a house or a home is a cumbersome process. A house seller always has questions concerning the process of selling the house whether it is his or her first time to sell or not. One of the questions may be concerning whether he or she requires a real estate agent or not to help her sell the house. Another question may be how can he or she get the best price for selling his or her house. Luckily, here are some solutions concerning the questions.

  1. Do I require a real estate agent to sell my house?

There are two main ways of selling a house. One is the selling of the house through a real estate agent and the other one is by selling the house on your own or without using a real estate agent. Although the internet has made it simple for house sellers to sell their houses without a real estate agent, about 90 percent of house sales are still done with the use of a real estate agent. A real estate agent can either be working independently or for a broker firm. Hiring a real estate agent is very important since it saves you time and energy. Additionally, real estate agents have experience in matters related to paperwork and the procedure of selling the house. Moreover, many real estate agents are very good at negotiating and therefore will assist you in getting the best price for your house. Also, the real estate agent will help you solve any issue that you may encounter concerning the house. This is due to the contacts that they have with contractors, other real estate agents, landscapers, inspectors, and the like. Of course, hiring a real estate agent means that you will have to pay him or her but also it helps you a lot more than selling the house on your own.

  1. How can I get the best price for selling my house?

Knowing how much your house is worth, having patience, and exercising restraint are very important. First, you need to appraise your house and have a price tag. In a fine market, the sale price of your house can be between 10 percent to 15 percent above the house value while in a bad market, the sale price of your house may be around the value of your house or below. In order to get the best price of your house, you need a home inspection to ensure that your house is in a good condition. Besides, having a home inspection helps you to avoid complications during the sale of the house. Additionally, before setting the price of your house, you should consider the different attributes around the area. These attributes include schools, special amenities, weather, and location. It is also important to note that it is very bad to overvalue your house since it will be very hard to find buyers and therefore, your house can go stale. This means that your house is no longer attracting interest from buyers.


Selling a house is not easy but by knowing how to value your house and using a real estate agent will help you a lot during the process of a quick house sale.