With the financial market and interest rates looking good, it could be a great time to apply for that personal loan you’ve been wanting to get. Whether you have plans to conduct a complete remodel or just take a nice vacation, having a great personal loan in your pocket will open many doors in terms of its use. So don’t be afraid to acquire one because you’ll discover that the interest rate for a personal loan is a lot more attractive than if you max out your personal credit cards.

So, if I got your attention, go ahead and keep reading about how these financial institutions can give you the best personal loans in 2018.

Citizens Bank

Personal loans from Citizens Bank is one of the leading financial service companies to offer more than just personal loans. As one of the premier lenders found online, the difference is the fact that they offer their lending services online as well as in a physical building. This creates great flexibility for potential lenders especially for those who don’t live near a physical bank branch.

Loan perks:

Fixed rate of at least 5.99%
Max repayment plan of 7 years

Social Finance

SoFi (Social Finance) has been around since 2011 and is another one of the greatest online lenders. Besides personal loans SoFi also offers refinancing for mortgages and student loans, parent financing and regular home mortgages. But, what sets them apart from other lenders are their unsecured loans. This is because they compete well when it comes to their terms and interest rates. This is another reason why you can count on SoFi to be by your side throughout the entire loan process.

Loan perks:

5.21% variable rate
5.49% fixed rates


The financial lender known as Prosper operates solely in the virtual world. It is a peer-to-peer finance platform and has managed over $9 billion since the time that they came into being. Besides that they were also the first online lender to become a P@P provider on a large scale. This has allowed them to pave the way for other P2P lenders that would appear in the future. Today, there are many personal loan options available through Prosper. A couple of examples include financing for healthcare and debt consolidation. So no matter what type of loan you desire it will always be unsecured.

Loan perks:
Interest rate based on credit
No-worry to check your rate


Based in San Francisco, Upgrade made its presence known as a personal lender this past April 2017. Although the company is still fairly new, it’s co-founders, Renaud Laplanche and Soul Htite are well known for their other lending site known as Lending Club.

Although both sites have the same owner’s, their platforms have different platforms. Unlike Lending Club, Upgrade specializes in loans for individuals who don’t have the greatest credit and loans are financed directly from Upgrade.

Loan perks:

620 minimum credit score to qualify
5.66% rate

Freedom Plus

Online personal loans from Freedom Plus don’t make their determination based on your credit history. Located in San Mateo, California, all loan amounts are distributed from Cross River Bank. Freedom Plus is another fairly new online lender who has been in business since 2013.

Loan perks:

Low 4.99% rates
2-3 hour decision waiting period